Founded in 2001, previously known as Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Association (HKAHA), the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) is a non-profit making sport organization aims at promoting the sport of ice hockey so to make it accessible for all in Hong Kong.

The Club is operated by a group of volunteers who are either players themselves or avid fans who want to see the sport of ice hockey easily enjoyed by everyone in the territory.

At the present, most of the Club’s funding comes from the participants of games. We welcome new sponsors and partners to support us on event basis or in a long-term perspective so to jointly promote and develop the sport of ice hockey in Hong Kong. Please click here for more details.

The HKAHC promotes true sportsmanship and strongly supports non-violent competition within the hockey community.

Our players come from all walks of life, aged from thirteen to over forty. Some began playing ice hockey when they lived abroad, while still a good number of players who picked up the game locally. Many of these players initially started in figure skating or roller-blade, and later showed strong interest once they were introduced to the game and found it was not uncommon in Hong Kong.

Currently, the skill of our players is primarily at the entry and intermediate level. Each year, the Club arranges a wide range of activities and events and competition opportunities to allow the players to practise more and so to bring up their overall skill level. Since it was founded in 2001, HKAHC has hosted nearly 2000 games in different cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Harbin, Nanjing and Macau. To date, there are over 160 players every week taking part in our regular league games.

The Club holds or participates into a variety of competitions including local hockey league competitions and internationally friendly matches so to encourage more people, especially the youngsters who have not tasted the joy of ice hockey before, to actually see and touch the game so to enjoy the unique excitement of the ultimate sport on ice.

Over the years, we have been organizing all sorts of hockey leagues, solely or jointly with other hockey organizations in town. The annual HKAHC International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament is in its 9th edition now and has become one of the annual highlights in Hong Kong’s sport calendar.

The Club has gone beyond the territory over the past years to play games with more teams outside Hong Kong, namely Canada, China, Japan, Macau, Taiwan and The Philippines, to allow the players to learn and experience more from the regional and international hockey communities. The Club has in particular developed a close tie with the Chinese Ice Hockey Association to foster the collaboration between Hong Kong and the mainland to further develop the sport of ice hockey in both places. The HKAHC was privileged to jointly invite the Chinese Women Ice Hockey Team (CWIHT) to officially visit Hong Kong for the first time following their impressive game appearance at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Off the ice, the Club pursues every opportunity to allow our youngsters to develop their interests and potentials in ice hockey, for instance, we title-sponsored the youth division of the 2010 Mega ice Hockey 5’s Tournament. And ‘Croatia Week in Hong Kong’, via working with the Croatia National Hockey Team, is another example showing the Club’s ambition to comprehensively promote the sport of ice hockey and bring in the hockey culture overseas to the territory.

At HKAHC, we play hard and care from heart. In 2008, in light of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, the Club held ‘Cross-strait Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament’ to raise over HK$220,000 and donated it all to the Home Affairs Department of the HKSAR Government to provide assistance in the post-earthquake Sichuan reconstruction projects. We also raised over HK$330,000 at our annual dinner in 2010, to the Hong Kong Red Cross to provide emergency relief assistance to victims of the Qinghai earthquake in 2010.