Since 2001, the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) has been going deep into different communities in Hong Kong to promote the sport of ice hockey. we are excited to see more and more of people interest to see the game in action more closely and to play it personally. Should you want to be one of us and share the joy, fun, excitement and sweat of playing the game with fellow hockey fans in the Club, please come and join us!

Volunteers have made fantastic contribution day in day out to HKAHC. We are grateful for these volunteers for being part of the growth and development of HKAHC. With the huge variety of opportunities the Club offers, it is a great way to experience new things and to make new friends in and out of the hockey community and to help to have a positive impact on the promotion of the sports of ice hockey in Hong Kong.

Should you be interested to be one of us, you can do it now by simply filling in your personal details below and without membership fee! We look forward to having fun on/ off ice together with you!

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