Thomas Wu


Thomas was first taken to the ice rink by friends back in 2000 and he then learned to play ice hockey at WIHO. He has since been playing the position of Defense. His favorite professional team is the Vancouver Canucks and he likes to watch the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey League (HKAHL) games the most. Thomas now plays ice hockey once a week with his Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) team at his favorite ice rink in town, MegaIce.

Laputa Poon

Director and Chief Operator Of League

Laputa first started playing roller hockey when he attended high school in Vancouver. He later in 1999 picked up ice hockey at the Dragon Centre in Hong Kong and Defense became his usual position in the team as none of his teammates preferred skating backwards. Having lived in Vancouver, Laputa, like many others there, is still an avid fan of the Vancouver Canucks but he also likes the Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. His favorite league is the National Hockey League (NHL) as he can always learn from the pros in action. He also enjoys watching the youth league of the Club in competition and is impressed by their tenacity. Laputa plays twice a week now and has a regular group of hockey buddies to play with. But he also anticipates meeting new friends via the Club’s draft system. His favorite playing ground now is MegaIce at Mega Box.

Matthew Cheung

Director and Head Referee

Matt started playing ice hockey in San Jose, California back in 1998. He likes to play Right Wing in the team as the position has the least defensive responsibility. Matt is a big fan of the San Jose Sharks and shares his love of the team with many and likes to watch the NHL the most. Matt does not get to play hockey as often as he would like nowadays because he spends most of his time on ice as an on ice official.

Henry Lau

Council Member, Referee and Public Relations Officer

Henry started to play ice hockey in 1997. He plays defenseman in his teams as defenseman always gets more ice time. Henry's favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks, which is also his home team. He enjoys the NHL games the most. Henry now plays ice hockey twice a week with both HKAHC and MegaIce HK teams.

Jackey Tse


Jackey started playing winter outdoor hockey when attending high school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In the past 14 years, Jackey played the role of a defensive centre specializing in taking face-offs and defensive play. He admires the Edmonton Oilers and finds watching NHL games most exciting and enjoyable. He now plays hockey once a week with players from the HKAHC at MegaIce.