13 / 03 / 2019

Suspension Notice

Regarding the incident in AHL-WEDLeagueon March 6– Game #165–Transformers vs Sam Wai Blue Jays

Disciplinary committee – Verdict 2019-3-13

After reviewing the videosand reports from the game officials’ and supervisors, it was found that Leo Kan cross-checked Tim Tsui from behind.  At the time of the cross-check, the puck was already deep in the defending zone of Transformers and the cross check did not occur in the course of play. Furthermore, it is clear from the video that: 

(1) there was an intent to cause serious injury to the other player;
(2) Leo took numerous strides covering nearly 1/4 of the rink to viciously attack an unsuspecting player from behind;
(3) Leo is a repeat offender;
(4) Leo had just completed serving another suspension for a similar attack from behind; and
(5) Tim Tsui’s neck is hurt.

Therefore, it is the decision of the Disciplinary Committee that supplemental punishment is warranted and Transformers #21 Leo Kan is hereby suspended for 9 games with immediate effect.  For the avoidance of doubt, Leo Kan is prohibited from participating in any division of HKAHC during this suspension period and this suspension shall carry over to the next season in which Leo Kan is registered as a Full Time player on Wednesday Regular Division (i.e. the suspension period shall not run if Leo Kan is merely registered as a Part Time player for any team).