13 / 11 / 2018

Suspension Notice

In regard to the incident in HKAHC Standard League – Game #10 – Generation Next vs Winner Medical Kings

HKAHC Council Final Verdict - 10 Nov 2018

In connection to the appeal of the decision made by the Disciplinary Committee of HKAHC on the captioned incident.  Subsequently, the Council of HKAHC has overseen the case and different facts being presented. With thorough consideration, the Council has made the final decision of decreasing the suspension of the Disciplinary Committee from 10 to 8 Standard League games suspension which covers across all HKAHC leagues/divisions in which he is registered in.  Mr. Leo KAN is only eligible to return after serving the 8 Standard League games suspension and subject to approval by HKAHC following an interview with Sam Wong, Executive Director, before becoming eligible to play in future HKAHC Leagues again. Such dangerous and disgraceful behaviour will not be tolerated as it was wholly inappropriate with the sole intention of inflicting injury.  We take this kind of inappropriate behaviour very seriously as it is contrary to the integrity of the sport.  

At the beginning of the season under our collaboration with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, we provided educational workshops to our game officials and had briefing sessions with the team captains before the Standard League started, aiming to have a Fair, Safe and Fun hockey environment. Before the first game, Barry (HKAIH General Manager - Coach), Joel (SIHA referee-in-chief) and Sam (HKAHC Executive Director) were standing in front of the players, humbly asking the players to play as a role model and show their sportsmanship to our 900+ young players under our programme.