11 / 08 / 2016

AHL ND/RD - Update on August 11


AHL Package

Dear Managers,

As the summer draws to an end, we are now in the final stages of putting together our winter Regular Division and Novice Division Leagues.

Registered Part-time Player (RPT)

Our original plan is to allow for 15 full-time players and 1 goalie for each team only. However, we have received several petitions for the allowance of part-time players. After careful considerations, we have decided to allow each team:

-15 full-time players;
-1 goalie; and
-3 registered part-time players.

Registered part-time players will be ranked according to the point system, and can only replace absent players of the same ranking. Each player will be required to pay a fee of HKD$400, payable to the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club at the ice rink.  

If you have already submitted your roster and would like to make amendments you may do so.

Deadline for submitting new and revised roster is now pushed back to 22th August.

“HKAHC reserves the right to assess a player’s final points”