10 / 06 / 2013

HKIHA: 2013-14 World Champ / CCoA announcement

HongKong Ice Hockey Association is proudly announced to participate in the 2013-14 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. Now ice hockey players in Hong Kong have a chance to showcase their skills and ability on the big stage. HKIHA are now opening the application to all hockey players who wish to participate in these events.

Hong Kong will be playing in 6 events (3 World Championships and possible 3 Challenge Cup of Asia) therefore HKIHA will need many players to participate in all these 6 events. The World Championship dates and placed are set, the Challenge Cup will be further discussed in August and will announced in a later time

Men’s Category

World Championship: Senior Men -> World Championship Div III Luxembourg in April 6-12, 2014

成年男子->盧森堡4月6-12日, 2014

Challenge Cup: Senior Men (Location and date: To be confirm) – usually plays in March, 2014

U18 Men’s

World Championship Div III group B, Izmit Turkey in Feb 9-15, 2014

U18男子->土耳其伊茲米特,土耳其2月9-15, 2014

Challenge Cup: U18 men (Location and date: To be confirm) – usually plays in March, 2014.

Women’s Category

World Championship: Senior Women -> World Championship Div II group B qualification, Mexico City, Mexico, March 19-22, 2014


Possible Challenge Cup: Senior Women (Location and date: To be confirm) – should be held in Hong Kong in Dec 26-29, 2013

Eligibility: Players (who can play – HKSAR passport holders only)

Senior Men Category

Male player born in 1998 or earlier with valid HKSAR passport.

From Year born 1996-1998 are consider as under aged player, which required to signed the under aged wavier.

Senior Women Category

Female player born in 1998 or earlier with valid HKSAR passport.

From Year born 1996-1998 are consider as under aged player, which required to signed the under aged wavier.

U18 Men Category

Male player born in 1996 to 1999 with valid HKSAR passport.

What you need to do to apply: (application method)

Make sure you will fill in the form and send us all your personal particulars by email, fax or mail, including the following:

1. All your passports copies (if you have more than 1 passport)

2. Hong Kong ID card copy

3. Completed application form, please make sure you indicate in which category of competition you are interested in participating. Male player maximum of 4 events and Female player maximum of 2 events.)

No payment will be necessary at this moment. Once you have applied and HKIHA will plan for the rest of the try out and on ice and off ice training schedule for the team and HKIHA will announce at the later stage.

Application Deadline will be June 21, 2013 5pm Hong Kong Time. Application forms will be needed to arrive the office before 5pm to consider as a valid entry.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5pm (Hong Kong Time) JUNE 21, 2013

If you are out of town and you can still apply thru email. All the proper documents sent to HKIHA before 5pm of June 21, 2013. Your application will be considered by the Executive Committee members and they will decide whether they will accept your application or not.

If you have more than 1 nationality, your entry will needs to go thru the IIHF eligibility check before you are allow to participate in the World Championships / Challenge Cup. Please scroll down to find out more about IIHF eligibility check and what are the process before you will be allow to play. In the meantime, your will need to submit your application first, once you have been accepted by the Executive Committee, HKIHA will process your eligibility with IIHF which will required you to provide the proper documents accordingly.

If you are interested but you only have HKID card and eligible to obtain a HKSAR passport, you can still apply and you must obtain your HKSAR passport to be eligible to play at any of the tournament.

If you are interested but you only have HKID card and are not eligible to obtain a HKSAR passport. All the events above MUST HAVE HKSAR passport to participate, HKID card is not enough.

Appeal can be done by written notice within 5 calendar days after the announcements. HKIHA Executive Committee decisions shall be final.

If you are interested to play at any of the events, please submit your application form on time. There will be no cost to you going through this process. All the necessary cost and schedule will be announced accordingly. There is no commitment at this point.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact HKIHA.

表格可從這裡下載/ Application forms download here

香港冰球協會有限公司HongKong Ice Hockey Association Limited


Address:Room 1023, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

電話Tel:(852) 2504 8189

傳真Fax:(852) 2504 8191


Announcement of World Championship could be found here

******************** More than 1 passport **************************************

If you have more than 1 nationality, IIHF will be looking for the following documents before you can play for the HKSAR National Ice Hockey Team:

If a player has or has ever had an additional citizenship or has multiple citizenships he must prove that he has participated on a consistent basis, for at least two consecutive years (730 days) after his 12th birthday in the national competitions of and be a legal resident in his (new) country during which period he has neither transferred to another country nor played ice hockey for a team registered/located within any other country.

Therefore the following documents needs to be submitted for every player according the IIHF Regulations:

• An affidavit from both parents declaring residency for the period in question

• Signature and stamp on a affidavit from the new national association confirming participation by this player and specifying the exact dates of participation

• Stamped and signed residency papers from the municipality for the period in question

• School records for the period in question

• Approved game sheets for the period in question (3 per season from the beginning, middle and the end)

• School principal signature on original school letterhead confirming attendance in their school for the period in question

Please note that all of these documents must match each other which means must be provided for the respective time frame for over 730 days (e.g. 18.06.2002 – 24.08.2004).

******************** More than 1 passport **************************************

Any queries, please contact HKIHA, thank you.