17 / 10 / 2012

HKIHA special announcement – Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau Ice Hockey League - Shenzhen Stop

The HongKong Ice Hockey Association (HKIHA) is pleased to announce that the Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau Ice Hockey League - Shenzhen Stop will be held on 25 Nov 2012 (Sunday) at Coastal Ice Rink, Shenzhen and we cordially invite our members and our Registered Club members to apply to participate in this event.

The Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau Ice Hockey League is co-organized by HKIHA, Shenzhen Coastal City Star Skating Club and Macau Ice Sports Federation and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). There will be 3 teams which are Shenzhen, Hong Kong and 1 team from Macau participating in the Shenzhen stop playing total 3 games.

Please notify that players must be valid member of HKIHA/ HKIHA Registered Clubs, must have valid HKID card, shall be aged 16 or above at the competition day and must use full mask in this league. HKIHA will be responsible to arrange transportation to and from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, travel insurance and lunch on 25 Nov 2012. Administrative Fee for each player is HKD$300 which is non-refundable for the team roster.

The tentative schedule on 25 Nov is as follow:

25 Nov, Sunday
08:00am – Report to HKIHA at Taxi Stop on G/F, Dragon Centre, Sham Shui Po; Shuttle bus to Shenzhen

09:30am – Arrive at Ice Rink
10:00am – Game 1 – Shenzhen vs Hong Kong
11:20am – Game 2 – Macau vs Hong Kong

12:40pm – Game 3 – Shenzhen vs Macau

13:40pm – Award Presentation Ceremony
14:00pm – Lunch
15:00pm – Return from Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Playing time: Three 15-minute periods with 30-second intermission. Each team can apply for a 2 minute timeout per game and 5 minute warm-up. NO OT and NO stop clock at the last 2 minutes of game.

Player is required to prepare valid re-entry permit/ visa to enter China . To apply for the Shenzhen stop event, please complete and submit the attached preliminary entry form along with your HKID copy by fax, email, mail or in person to HKIHA office by 12:00nn, on Thursday, 8 Nov 2012. Individual Sponsorship Fee shall be paid within 1 week from the announcement of team roster.

Application Form

HKIHA reserves the final right on the selection of players for the competition and all decisions. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact HKIHA.