01 / 09 / 2012

Proper Warm-up and Hockey Safety

Many players neglect a proper warm-up before a hockey game, and this can not only lead to injury, but also can prevent you from playing at 100% of your potential.  Warm-up is not just for shooting pucks and trying out your latest moves in front of your teammates and fans. Players should typically do a few hard laps around their half of the ice in both directions to raise their heart-rate and get a good supply of blood flowing to their muscles.

After that, it's a good idea to get a good stretch going. Pay special attention to your thighs and groin, but don't forget your core and upper body as well. Getting loose and stretched out early before playing not only helps you reach your full potential, but will help your body prepare for the strains of a game - checks, shooting, hard sprints, and the occasional bump or collision.

Lets make sure we treat ourselves like the athletes we are!


Safety Issue

  1. Players under the age of 16 - MUST wear a neck guard and a full facial protective equipment.
  2. Players under the age of 18 - MUST wear a full facial protective equipment.
  3. All players MUST wear full gear during games, including Shoulder Pads and Facial protective equipment.