The Teams: There will be 7 visiting and 2 local teams

HKAHC Giants
HKAHC Giants has a wealth of experience with players mostly from the Regular Division and some young guns from the Novice Division. The team is set to play as well as they can to try to achieve the best results, and at the same time, enjoy what they love the most which is the game of Ice Hockey.

This year’s team includes talented playmakers such as Derek Selch and Eric Pang. Other players include the hard working Jason Yip, Jim Liu and Keith Hong, as well as big shots such as Justin So and Oscar Wong and with the young guns of Michael Liu and John Ng.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
  Hiroki Wakabayashi Coach
30 Horrance Cheung Goalie
1 Jerome Lui Goalie
6 Justin So Defense
22 Kevin Wong Defense
96 Laputa Poon Defense
26 Oscar Wong Defense
10 Steve Leung Defense
93 Jason Chan Defense/Forward
44 Jim Liu Defense/Forward
11 John Ng Defense/Forward
55 Michael Liu Defense/Forward
66 Chris Juwono Forward
88 Derek Selch Forward
9 Eric Pang Forward
19 Jason Yip Forward
8 Keith Hong Forward

Vancouver Bulls
The Vancouver Bulls would like to thank the HKAHC organizers for inviting us once again to the Hong Kong tournament. "Excited" is an understatement as we love coming to play hockey and visit with all of our old friends. To the Panda Hotel staff, the crew at the Mega Ice, and all of the members of the HKAHC, we thank you for all of your hard work and look forward to seeing all of you in September. A special congratulations goes out to Mr. Thomas Wu for being voted on to the International Ice Hockey Federation Council and we wish you the most success in your endeavours with the game of hockey we all love. Good Luck to all of the players !
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
  Rob Autar Goalie
51 scotty Papousek Defense
10 Zvonimir Duric Defense
60 johhny stewart Defense
23 Tyler Parr Defense
  Stefan Lorio Defense
  David igarishi Forward
91 Dano Stimac Forward
88 trevor Procyshyn Forward
18 brendan LINK Forward
98 mikey Disalvo Forward
16 adis Nukovic Forward
  dallas Quinn Forward
19 chris Cheng Forward
75 Sam Mui Forward

Chinese Taipei
Taipei Team’s player who enjoy the hockey, love the hockey, we like play with different city’s player, hockey is part of our live. This time we gather Thailand, Canada, China’s partners play with us, we be believe this will be the beginning of success. We love hockey.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
  少洋 Forward
  MARK PAAS Defense
  EDU PAZ Defense
  仁弘 Defense
  ALEX Forward

Thank you for inviting us to 2014 HKAHC International Tournament.
We want to spend a great time with you in a spirit of love and peace.
Our name "HAMA" means Japanese most famous port town "YOKOHAMA".
We want to connect both port town, HongKong and Yokohama, with FRIENDSHIP.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
18 Peter Chan Defense
1 Koji Izumida GK
88 Toshinori Ishibashi DF
45 Takatada Usami DF
3 Noboru Kishi DF
  Shigenobu Ootomo DF
39 Akie Ishibashi FW
25 Yukiyasu Sugimoto FW
38 Masaki Akazawa FW
  Keisuke Kuyama FW
47 Ryusuke Okumura FW
  Joji Hiratsuka FW
  Toshiki Okada FW
  Kai Eriksson FW
  Tomohiro Suzuki FW
  Michael Yoshino FW
  Ryosuke Baba FW

Macau Ice Sports Federation (Macau ISF)
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
15 志鵬 COACH / D
8 進年 D
1 振華 G
13 浩輝 F
6 劍曦 F
2 劍基 F
12 俊光 D
11 家杰 F
21 仲文 D
14 嘉淼 D
7 志航 F
16 柏濤 D
3 家樂 F
5 冠炫 F
9 子行 F
10 俊成 D

Thank you once again for the invitation to the 2014 HKAHC International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament. We are honored to be a part of the 12th anniversary tournament.
Our goal remains the same as in the last couple of years. We have not taken our eyes off the prize. We have recruited new players combined with our core skaters ready to play for the HKAHC gold.
We would like to thank all the organizers and wish our competition the best of luck. May the best team win.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
29 Paolo Spafford Goalie
24 Scott Young Defense
9 Nick Muir Defense
22 Dave Dunkerley Defense
15 John Parker Defense
8 Francois Gautier Forward
7 Carl Montano Forward
17 Gaelen Hallenbeck Forward
12 Florian Pacquelin Forward
18 Nico Cadiz Forward
55 Daniel Brodan Forward
14 Adam Tuer Forward
tba Ryan Charland Forward
tba Julian Santiago Forward
tba Julius Santiago Forward

Mitsubishi Corporation
We thank the tournament organizers for inviting us back to this exciting tournament. We are highly honored to participate in this tournament from the 1st. Mitsubishi Corporation Ice Hockey Team competes in the first-tier league of the Tokyo Businessmen’s League. We hope all of you have a good time together at this exciting tournament. Lastly, we would like to express our appreciation on the well-organized and professional skilled staff who supports this tournament.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
90 Gosuke Nagashima Goalie
4 Yuichi Matsushita Defense
8 Daijiro Shiraki Defense
33 Shinta Nonaka Defense
48 Yudai Kawada Defense
52 Hironori Ishikawa Defense
76 Hiroto Fukuda Defense
2 Atsushi Masuyama Forward
11 Shun Sekiguchi Forward
13 Rikuta Komoriya Forward
17 Junki Kasai Forward
18 Yoshimasa Ikehata Forward
22 Yosuke Mihara Forward
32 Takafumi Kabaya Forward
37 Ryo Murakami Forward
43 Hidetoshi Akiyama Forward
61 Hirokazu Yahagi Forward
88 Ryohei Koda Forward
  Yuka Kato Manager
  Sayaka Nagaoka Manager
  Yukino Hosoda Manager
  Ayako Harada Manager

Malaysia - SNIPERS
This year, the Hong Kong Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament can expect to watch some exciting games involving the Snipers Team from Malaysia, a new team created by the MIHF to provide the exposure of international competitive ice hockey to young players, via participation in overseas tournaments.

There will be a healthy mix of Senior Players as well as Young Players, whose commitment to continuous training and their ‘love the game’ attitudes, will see to it that each member fulfills what is expected of them, i.e. to put in their 100% effort while playing together as a great Team.

Both the Snipers Team as well as the Malaysian Ice Hockey Federation share a common dream of participating the 2017 Asia Winter Games in Japan.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
69 Omar Mokhtar Abdul Hamid Goalie
2 Muhammad Amir Amin Mohd Zaki Defense
44 Mohammad Aqeel Noor Hisham Defense
32 Mohammad Hariz Mohamad Oryza Ananda Defense
76 Soy Pei Chin Defense
88 Adwin Wee Forward
10 Andy  Chang Forward
93 Brandon Tan Forward
96 Chin Cher Chair Forward
28 Kent Fok Forward
34 Nurul Nizam Deen Versluis Forward
92 Nikolas Sepponen Forward

HKAIH Troopers
The HKAIH Troopers are put together this year with many skilled young talents along with veterans among some of the elites in our Standard League (only IIHF format game in HK). Everyone is looking forward to be part of this team and anticipate in the tournament. Can't wait to get on the ice and showcase what we are capable of.
Jersey No.
First Name
Last Name
  Barry Beck Coach
10 Jasper Tang Coach/Player
1 Drew Peterson Goalie
33 Sam Szeto Goalie
3 Donald Chow Defense
28 Erik Leung Defense
93 Julian Ma Defense
55 Keith Yuen Defense
75 Ryan Wong Defense
88 Yannick Wong Defense
22 Alex Ngan Forward
15 Chi Lok Lau Forward
66 Derek Hu Forward
18 Hayes To Forward
96 Mike Lam Forward
81 Rick Chu Forward
2 Steven Lai Forward
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