Mr Angus Tam received a Game Misconduct Penalty for “Abuse of Official”, under Rule 3(c), Mr Tam is suspended for 1-game. This 1-game automatic suspension is non-appealable. These types of inappropriate behaviour should not be tolerated. Any future incident, HKAHC reserves the right to ask Mr Angus Tam to leave all HKAHC leagues for the remainder of the season. Mr Tam is eligible to return on July 11 onward.
Disciplinary committee – Verdict 2021-6-2 Review of the incident WYOG #71 Brendan Choi who was assessed for 5-mins for Roughing 20-mins for Game Misconduct In relation to the recent incident on 30 May 2021, reports from the referees and video evidence were reviewed. It is noted that #71:- 1. Being the instigator of this incident 2. Continued to rough the opponent despite referee on ice ordered to stop The Disciplinary Committee has made the decision to issue an additional 1 game on top of his 1 game automatic suspension pursuant to 3(C) of the Rul...
Regarding the incidents in the game #60 of Novice Division between Titans and WIHO Warriors on July 24th. Mr Henry Tong of WIHO Warriors received a match penalty for “Fighting”, it is an automatic 2-game suspension. Mr Kelvin Ko of Titans received a match penalty for “Fighting”, it is an automatic 2-game suspension. The Disciplinary Committee has concluded a review on Titans player, Ms Estelle Ip. The DC considers that her purposely throwing the puck to the goaltender after the whistle is unsportsmanlike and warrants ONE game suspension with immedia...
Regarding the fighting incident between 2 players in the changing area after the game on 12th June 2015. Both Mr Ben Hui and Mr Gary Hon will be suspended for 1 game each for their behavior after the game. Mr Ben Hui has already served his suspension on June 14th and he is eligible to play the game scheduled on June 16th. Mr Gary Hon will serve his suspension on June 16th, he is eligible to return on July 5th.