Team HKAHC player, Mr Jo Ma, received a Match Penalty on 3 January 2014 in a Standard League game between HKAHC vs Knights. According to the Rules and Regulations he has to serve an automatic 2-game suspension; further disciplinary action may be imposed upon review of the Disciplinary Committee. “
Henry Tong is to be suspended for 2 games by putting players in a vulnerable position with his careless use of skates.
Alvin Sham is to be suspended for 2 games for delivering repeated blows toward the opponent’s head and neck area. A warning is to be issued to Laputa Poon for delivering a hit from behind.
Suspension Notice: Jeremy Mok suspended for 1 game for Checking from Behind and Elbowing penalty. 1 game served 0 game remaining to serve. Day of return 9 Apr 2013, Winner Medical Kings vs Charged.