Congratulations! Transformers defeated Zerve Spartans to capture their first 2022 AHL Spring Season Division C Tier I Champions. Transformers previously beaten Zerve in a thriller shootout in the Semi-Final. Team Hero, the heavy favorite, lost both games in Semi-Final. Zerve, the underdog, played extremely well only allowed one regulation goal to Transformers. In 2022 AHL Spring Season Division C Tier II, Gaggia Empire won their 2nd Champions in 3 seasons. Gaggia beat last season champions Huskies. Individual Awards: Top Score: Jasper Tang (Gaggia Empire) Most Assists...
Congratulations! Talent Interiors Eagles defeated Team WIHO to capture the 2022 AHL Spring Season Division B Champions. Eagles went 9-3 on the season, but the 3 loses were to the hands of Team WIHO. Noticeably Team WIHO missed their top player Ben MacAskill. Eagles top lines, the kids line Owen Kwok, Samuel Wong and Caden Wee, paved the way. as they combined for 6 points. Eagle's Owen Kwok won the MVP as he had 1 goal and 2 assists. Individual Awards: Top Score: Yannick Wong (SWOT) Most Assists: Jonathan Der (TI Eagles) Most Points: Jonathan Der (TI Eagles) Best D...
HKAHC strives to provide a fair, safe and fun hockey environment for the players. Recently, there has been an increase in infractions as well as complaints. To ensure quality games and the safety of its player's, HKAHC will test out a 4-man officiating system (2 referees and 2 linesmen) on selected games for this season. These games will be monitored on its efficiency and further discussed to see if the league will consider to use it in the future.