Last night concluded the 9th season of the WIHO HKWIHL. Thanks to the co-organizers of this league the Women's Ice Hockey Organization: better known as WIHO and Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club HKAHC. WIHO would like to thank all of the sponsors. Thank you CHICCO for suppoerting the WIHO for the last 9 years since the start of this league. Also, for the second year in a row thanks to Loving Sports iCable. Thank you to all tehplayers participating in teh league during this second COVID year and special call out to the Captains and Coaches of each team, truly appreciate their volu...
隨著我們即將恢復我們的賽季,請提醒/確保您的隊友必須在 4 月 30 日/之前接種 2 次疫苗。 除非獲得豁免(醫療原因),否則溜冰場將拒絕在沒有“疫苗通行證”的情況下進入。 請查 政府網站了解更多詳情。
隨著政府公佈最新的《疫苗通行證》實施安排,LOHAS Rink 和 Mega Ice 將繼續關閉至 2022 年 4 月 20 日,所有HKWIHL比賽將被推遲,直至另行通知。此外,進入溜冰場時,將檢查 leavehome safe 應用程序和疫苗通行證。未接種疫苗的人士將被拒絕進入。請查 政府網站了解更多詳情。