Message from Coach Barry Beck: Part two of the Standard League body checking clinic was completed April 7 at MegaBox ice rink. During two hours of contact and body positioning there were no official injuries reported. Whew!!! Players must now incorporate their practice technique into game conditions. The components that are essential for contact are skating, timing, and body positioning. As a player your responsibility is to protect yourself at all times. Be prepared for contact at any time, even from the coach if you give the puck away! The best advice I was ev...
On Jan-8, 2013, HKAHC held the first Body Checking Clinic for the Standard League players to learn and get ready for the full contact game format. A total of 48 players participated. The clinic was divided into 5 parts and introduced full contact techniques to the players practically. The Warm-up session included two laps, stationary arm rotation, forwards, backwards, joint movement side to side, partners shoulder resistance, partners (no sticks) holding on to arms and bump and arm crawl. It followed up with tripod pushes, thrust of war and leg drive concentrating on balance ...
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